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Otogibanashi no Onigokko – 1

Otogibanashi no Onigokko – 1

Otogibanashi no OnigokkoJan. 27, 2023
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It is a story that everyone knows.
Blanchette, a pretty girl with a red cape, goes to the forest to visit her sick grandmother.
But there is a rumor that there is a ferocious wolf in the forest.
“Are you a wolf?”
The wolf that appeared in front of her was truly an “animal.
He rubbed his rod against the innocent girl and turned her innocent body into a female.
The girl’s nightmares never end.
Hounded by the attacking tentacles and the insane hunter, she soon learns the taste of pleasure.
This is a story that everyone knows.
But only you know how it ends. ……
When you play with her big tits, which don’t match her petite frame, you can see her lewd face peeking out from under her red cape.
You’ve already grown up to be a complete pussy.

Original title おとぎばなしの鬼ごっこ 第一話 赤ずきんとケダモノたち




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