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Harem Cult – 3

Harem Cult – 3

ハーレム・カルト 3 side HAREM[宇場義行]Jan. 27, 2023
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Harem Cult 5: If Words Could Kill, Hizen Part 1
Akari Hizen, a member of the Literature Club, was cuckolded by a man she liked a month ago, but her “revenge” was supposed to have been fulfilled by a taskmaster.
However, she was blackmailed by Kumada, a gym teacher, through the schemes of the student council.
Hinomae thinks of herself as an object and keeps her mind closed even when Kumada’s blade strikes her.

Harem Cult 6: Hush.
Ringo Mashiro, a teacher advisor, is set up and quits the school.
Furthermore, Tatsumi is detained by the student council.
The president of the student council, Awano, and the student council member, Hikita, continue to torture him, and his disgusting behavior is exposed in front of the students.

Includes “Harem Cult 5: If Words Could Kill” and “Harem Cult 6: Hara” from the original story “Harem Cult side HAREM

Original title ハーレム・カルト 3 side HAREM[宇場義行]


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