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Aoharu Snatch – 1

Aoharu Snatch – 1

Feb. 17, 2023
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The Literature Department is declared defunct due to lack of staff.
At least three students must be recruited by the deadline.
The club’s head, “Shiori Sakira,” mistaking the club room for an empty room, calls out to the three students in the clubroom, and the club is spared from closure.
At first, she teased them with obscenities and showed them H-books.
This escalated gradually….
The sexual harassment became direct and they raped me forcibly.
Then the other two came in and instead of helping me, they joined in, and in the end, the three of them raped me.
They took pictures and videos of him, and he was unable to resist.
From that point on, under the name of the Literature Club, the three treated him like a flesh-eating toilet.
A freshman, “Makoto Niijima,” joins the club, but he still does not know what it is really like.

Includes “Monotachi Gobbling for Literature Chapter 1”, “Monotachi Gobbling for Literature – The Origin”, and “Monotachi Gobbling for Literature Chapter 2” from the original story “Aoharusnatch”.

Original title アオハルスナッチ 1[夏庵]


Queen Bee


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